Coaching Packages

The use of WISDOM coaching to help children learn the skills, confidence, and abilities to thrive in life!

At this time, the services being offered are for one-on-one online coaching sessions. All the programs are based on a proven coaching model called The WISDOM System for Coaching Kids. What makes the system so powerful is that storytelling and experiences are used to help children develop powerful mindset skills for various skill set areas. I am thrilled to be a part of helping children on their life journey! Additional skill set area packages coming soon!! Individualized coaching packages are available too!

Soaring Self-Esteem Package

This is a package that will help kids develop powerful self-esteem!

How kids feel about themselves is one of the biggest influences on both their happiness and on
what they create in their lives. Positive self-esteem isn’t something kids either have or don’t
have – feeling good about themselves, even when things aren’t going their way, is a skill that
they can develop. This coaching package includes:

  • I Love Me! How to Develop Soaring Self-Esteem
  • How Your Mind Shapes Your World..and What You Can do to Shape Your Mind
  • I Honor Me! How to Be Yourself and Honor Your Uniqueness
  • Self-Talk – Mastering the Secret Behind Self-esteem and Self-Confidence
  • Power Shifting – How to Choose Your Power Even When Things don’t Go Your Way

Developing Resiliency Package

This is a package that will help kids develop resiliency!

Building resilience means helping kids learn how to handle the tough stuff in life – making
mistakes, experiencing disappointments or failures, or facing changes in their lives.
With this coaching package, kids learn how to get back up again after falling down so that
mistakes, disappointments and failures, or changes don’t keep them from their dreams. This package includes:

  • How Your Mind Shapes Your World and What You Can do to Shape Your Mind
  • Power of Possibility – Why You Achieve What You Believe
  • Overcoming Mistakes – How to Learn from Mistakes and Let them Go
  • Managing Fear – Learn the Steps to Manage Fear
  • Self-Talk – Mastering the Secret to Being Kind to Yourself
  • Moving Past Failure – How to “Put it in a Box” and Keep on Goin’
  • Visualization – The Secret to Preparing Your Mind to Succeed
  • Managing Change – How to Embrace Change and Thrive

Let’s make some positive changes together.